When using a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail on your own computer, you will need to make changes to your email account. This can be done in the mail program by going into tools, accounts or account settings, each mail client is different.

Open Outlook Express.

1. Go to “Tools” and then “Accounts”

2. Under the “General” tab

3. Select the “Servers” Tab

4. Click the “Advance” tab

5. Close and restart your computer.

Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.

1. Go to Tools

2. Click on your email address and hit change or double click on your email address.

3. Click on “More settings”

4. Click on the “outgoing mail” tab

5. Click to the “advance tab”

6. At this point , you can test account settings to verify email settings are correct or hit next and then finish.

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